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La Planete Bleue Vol.01

Release: La Planete Bleue Vol.01

La Planete Bleue Vol.01

01. amina - lirrili [5:39]
02. jose barinaga - new 2 [4:27]
03. laurie anderson - freefall [4:22]
04. schneider tm vs kpt.michi.gan - chotto matte [5:25]
05. woob - pondlife [3:39]
06. haruomi hosono - aiwoiwaiaou [6:11]
07. karl biscuit - un avion [4:32]
08. steve shehan - amok part 2 [1:05]
09. la kemia - trains et planes [5:29]
10. trisomie 21 - the morning rain [2:16]
11. obywatel gc - zabierz mnie tam [2:42]
12. tom zé - cortina 4 [0:39]
13. fetisch park - last strip [6:14]
14. dadawas - ballad of lhasa [5:05]
15. summit - blue fire celebration [7:09]
16. frederick rousseau - the prayer [12:14]


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Each week, 700 records are released throughout the world: almost 3,000 a month. Yet the media (press, radio stations and TV channelsas a whole) only present a few doze. Always the same few dozen. Often not the most exciting ones.La Planete Bleue has another approach, a dissimilar view, a fundamentally different perception... Light years away from the "best of" albums and other marketing projects, La Planete Bleue ignores record company sales edicts, market trends and the mood of label managers. Here, the only criteria are artistic. The choice of artists is not subject to negotiation. There is no compromise. Today, as many editors demand payment to include a particular track on their compilation (a fact of which the public are often unaware), such a radical editorial approach is unusual.

On La Planete Bleue, we explore the forgotten, unvisited continent of world production, since that is where the most fascinating creators are to be found. La Planete Bleue is relaxed about the latest trends, aiming its (modest) spotlight at artists who are often overlooked by fashion-oriented media. All over the world, musicians are searching for the sound of tomorrow. From Australia to the Middle East and Canada to Eastern Europe, artists are outlining new perspectives and inventing future swing. La Planete Bleue is their haven. Radio programme La Planete Bleue scrutinises international production to root out the most original works all year round. Here are a few of its greatest discoveries. Global and futuristic, this is the La Planete Bleue collection.


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